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Cricson - Multipurpose Jekyll Blog Theme

Potolia - Multipurpose Photography HTML Template

Rein - Lightweight Dark Theme for WordPress

WordPress to Native App Flutter Application

PersoMag - Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Dreamla - Clean WordPress Blog

Virala - Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Cannes - Blog News and Magazine WordPress Theme

Mingo - News Magazine Ghost Theme

Post Blocks For Elementor

GutenVerse - Magazine and Blog Theme

Ikken - Fashion Ghost Blog Theme

Alum - Responsive Ghost Blog Theme

Arkona - Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Aleta - Blog HTML Template

Dopi - Elementor MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Bella - Creative Blog PSD Template

Protea - Responsive HTML Site Template

Uptime - Responsive WordPress Theme for Business

Airo - Minimal Theme for Ghost

Magala - Magazine & Blog HTML 5 Template

Qonspt - Isometric MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Exopress | Multipurpose Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Advant - Modern Ghost Theme for Personal or Professional Blog

RiteKhela Sports & Magazine HTML Template

ThePidgeon - Tabbed Mobile News AMP Template

Qalam - NewsPaper and Magazine WordPress Theme

Papr | News Website Template

Brailie - Responsive Photography Joomla Template

Rein - Minimal Dark Theme for Ghost

Umbra Webticker & Carousel | JQuery

Journal And Publication - Peer Review System

Solo Life - Blog PSD Template

Fatemeh - Responsive Modern Minimal Blog

Anomic - Creative Blog PSD Template

Pinic - Minimal Blog PSD Template

Samara - Modern Blog PSD Template

Dinki - Creative Blog PSD Template

Aijsai - Minimal Blog PSD Template

Maximum News Ionic 4 - Full Application with Angular AdminPanel & Firebase backend + Admob

Acheron - Creative blog PSD Template

Akhbar Alwan& Magazine Blogger PSD Template

Necromancers - eSports Team HTML Template

Felt - A Digital Magazine Style WordPress Theme

Akea - Minimal Blog HTML Template

Breek - Minimal Masonry Theme for WordPress

Stein - Tailwind CSS WordPress Theme for Bloggers

Gutenblog - Modern Blog WordPress Theme

Vlogrex - Blog & Magazine HTML Template

Bayan - Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme

Quirk - Corporate Multipurpose Theme

Gorgo - Minimal Content Focused Blog and Magazine

Enardo - Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Sinju - Responsive Blog and Magazine Ghost Theme

Ion News - A Ionic News App With Asp.Net Mvc Web API

Despacito – WordPress Magazine and Blog Theme

Euthenia - Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Urbania - Modern Minimal WordPress Blog

Gloss | Viral News Magazine WordPress Blog Theme

The Daily - News HTML Template

Blogxer - Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

HiveMag - An Elegant WordPress Blog Theme

Telling – Multi-Concept News and Publishing Theme

Zeek - A Clean WordPress Blogging / Magazine Theme

Manndi - A PSD Template For Shop & Blog

Untica - Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Davenport - Multipurpose Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

Newsbeat - Optimized WordPress Magazine theme

Netube - Viral Video Blog / Magazine WordPress Theme

Potrika - Blog, News & Magazine HTML5 Template

Pixel Diamond - HTML eSports & Gaming Magazine & Community

Pisend | Minimalism Blog HTML5 Template

Breek - A Masonry Theme for Ghost

Liberte - Modern Magazine WordPress Theme

Bizblog | Multipurpose Personal Blog HTML5 Template

News, Magazine, News API, MVC Application, Breaking News App, Tpo Headlines App, Trending News App

WP Post Modules for NewsPaper and Magazine Layouts (Elementor Addon)

PDF Light Viewer Serverless Addon

Yolox | Modern WordPress Blog Theme for Business & Startup

Deus | Multi-Niche Newspaper WordPress Magazine

Anika - Feminine WordPress Theme

Tessa - Modern Theme for Blogs & Magazines

Magala - Magazine & Blog PSD Template

Writter – Ghost Portfolio Theme

World Times - Newspaper & Magazine Style WordPress Theme

Freesia - Responsive HTML Blog Site Template

Viddle - Multipurpose Video Blog HTML5 Site Template

Ugliness- News & Magazine Blogger PSD Template

Sogut – Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Bazinews - WordPress Games Reviews & News Theme

Mogtemplates - Gellian - News & Magazine Blogger Theme

Karis - Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Exception - Business Multi-purpose Joomla Template

Heeney - Modern Blog WordPress Theme

Modern Housewife | Women & Family WordPress Blog Theme

Sunastro - Mobile Template

Once - Clean & Elegant WordPress Blog Theme

Magina-Responsive Modern Minimal Blog

Buzzy - Creative Magazine Theme

Berghoef - Contemporary WordPress Theme

Kaadu | Adventure Blog PSD Template

Exalite - Multipurpose Blog & Magazine Script

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Query Landing HTML Template

GutenTag - 100% Gutenberg Blog WordPress Theme

PrimeFace - HTML Responsive Blog and eCommerce Template

ilusion - Versatile Joomla 3 Template

Horizon - Freebies Modern Blog Theme

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Marlee - Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Video Blog & Personal Vlog, Video WordPress Theme | Vividly

Insight - Modular Responsive WordPress Theme for Business

Maxify | Startup & Business Blog WordPress Theme

Johannes - Multi-concept Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress theme

DailySun - Blog, News & Magazine PSD Template

Viddle - Video Blog PSD Template

The Issue - Versatile Magazine WordPress Theme

Chiron - Creative Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Alke - Minimal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Gooder - Modern Blog WordPress Theme

Tahreer – Magazine Blog & Shop HTML Template

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Respawn - Esports Gaming WordPress Theme

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Amani - '80s Powered WordPress Theme

Ionic 4 News App with Firestore Database and Fireadmin Dashboard

Hit The Moving Bars ( Android Project + Eclipse + Admob + Bbdoc )

Jasper Tumblr Theme Premium Blog & Creative

SuperNews - Ultimate WordPress Magazine Theme

Expresso - A Modern Magazine and Blog PSD Template

Vencorp | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress theme

StylishMag - Elegant News & Magazine Theme

Setiva - Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Sprout - Clean Blog/News/Magazine Responsive Theme

Demeter - Creative HTML5 Template

Becks - WordPress News and Magazine Theme

InkStory - Personal, News, Blog Wordpress Theme

The Reader WordPress Minimal Blog Theme

The Colosseum - Sports Magazine PSD Template

A-Bomb | News & Blog & Magazine Theme

Aysel - Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Aquamarine Tumblr Theme Premium Blog & Magazine

Kikimora Magazine - Responsive Tumblr Theme

Gazeta 1 - Responsive Magazine & News Template

Enmit | Multipurpose Bootstrap Template

Wagazine - Magazine & Reviews Responsive WordPress Theme

Travelogue - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

UniverMag - WordPress News & Magazine Theme

Seramag professional sport HTML5 template

MaxBlog - Flat News Magazine Blog WP

Sundak - Blog and Magazine Theme

Cleanmag - Multipurpose Magazine WordPress Theme

The Thinker - Simple Blogging WordPress Theme

Engine - Drag and Drop News Magazine w/ Minisites

NEWS.A smart responsive blogger template

Boost - HTML Corporate and Magazine Site

GOLIATH - Ads Optimized News & Reviews Magazine

Crystal | Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Voice - Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme

REAL - Responsive Blog WordPress Theme

WowMag - Blog / Magazine / News Drupal Theme

Smew - Multipurpose Magazine Wordpress Theme

Gadgetine - Responsive News and Magazine HTML

Absolute - The News, Blog and Magazine Theme

GoodNews - Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Pure Magazine: Responsive HTML Magazine Template

OPTIMUS Multi-Purpose PSD Template

YourMag - Universal WordPress News/Magazine Theme

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DAILYNEWS - Magazine | Blog | Personal WordPress Theme

Newsmag - News Magazine Newspaper

Ivy - Responsive Masonry Ghost Theme

Magazine / Newspaper / News / Blog WordPress Theme - NiceBird

Globalnews - News & Magazine HTML5 Template

Crissi - Blogging Theme

Logger - Magazine/Personal Blogging Theme

Motive Magazine - News Magazine

Sofia - An Elegant Magazine WordPress Theme

Chatter - Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

LeTour - WordPress Magazine and Blog Theme

JudyBlog - Elegant Blog Drupal Theme

SuperNews - Ultimate HTML5 Magazine Template

Stride - BackBone QuickLoad Grid Magazine Theme

Top News - WordPress News & Magazine Theme

AGENCY - Responsive Email Template With Builder

GoodNews - The News, Magazine and Blog Theme

Tini - News/Magazine Template with Online Shop

Newsline - Magazine PSD Template

KAMI - Creative Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme

Canvas | The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template

illusion - Premium Multipurpose Drupal Theme

PressView - Vintage and Stylish Magazine Template

Weekly News - WordPress News/Magazine Theme

Personal - Best Blog, CV and Video WordPress Theme

DizzyMag - Ad&Review WordPress Magazine Theme with Portfolio

Pinkmalion - Versatile WordPress Magazine Theme

Exito - Responsive Email Template With Builder

Conference - Responsive Email Template + Builder

Finch – Photography Template for Photographers

The Frog = Creative News / Blog Magazine & Front-end Submission WP Theme

Unite - WordPress Business, Magazine Theme

The Times - Clean Modern and Flexible Theme

Blogary Paid Content Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

BLACKMAG - Bold & Clean Magazine Theme

Pressroom - Responsive News and Magazine Template

Impala Boulevard - Blog, Magazine WordPress Theme

Travelogue - Travel Blog HTML Template

Rumors - Celebrity Gossip PSD Template

Outdoor - Responsive Adventure Blog and Magazine

Oblivion - Wordpress Magazine Theme

Responsive Supermarket Online Theme - Oswad

Spartan Magazine - News Blog WordPress Theme

Scene - Magazine Theme for WordPress

Vartha - HTML5 Magazine Template

SHOPdeal - Responsive Email Template With Builder

FREEWORLD - Responsive Email Template With Builder

BMAG - Magazine Responsive Blogger Template

Deco Mag - Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Reise - Responsive Email Template

A-ha Theme – Ultimate Multi-Purpose PSD Template

Style - Responsive Multipurpose MijoShop Template

EXCEPTION - Responsive Business HTML Template

Angkloong - Events & Music WooCommerce Theme

Spraymag - eCommerce, Magazine, Responsive Blog Theme

Nice Bird | Blog and Newspaper PSD Theme

The Breaking News - Responsive WordPress Theme

MagicNews - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

LightMag - Magazine PSD Template

Bloom - Sleek New Magazine Theme

Cirka | Responsive Email Template

Fraction - Multipurpose News, Magazine Theme

Financial II - Responsive Financial Joomla Theme

Fraction - Multipurpose News, Magazine HTML

TheWorld - Fresh Magazine Template

Falcon - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Zonya - Multipurpose Responsive HTML5 Template

Material - Premium Magazine WordPress Theme

AMY Theme - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Margot - Responsive WordPress News Theme

Horizon - Responsive Email Template

Magazine 2 - Modern Drupal Magazine Theme

Pandemonium Magazine - Responsive Tumblr Theme

Frover - Muti-Purpose WordPress Theme

Karo Magazine HTML5 Template

Perty - Responsive News/Magazine Joomla Template

Unite - HTML Business, Magazine, Community Site

Fajar One Page Multi-Purpose Design

Sparkle - Responsive News/Magazine Drupal theme

Dream.Story - Responsive Email Template + Builder

Widemag - Wordpress Magazine Theme

LuxMag - Responsive WordPress Magazine Blog

Papa - Responsive Multipurpose VirtueMart Template

Mega Mag - Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Resolute - Elegant Magazine & Blog Theme

Safety - Responsive MultiPurpose Blogger Template

Wine Masonry - Review & Front-end Submission WordPress Theme

Ancillia Multipurpose HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Ness - Minimalist Photo Magazine WordPress Theme

LiteMag - Easy to use Minimalist Magazine Theme

SevenMag - Blog/Magzine/Games/News Drupal Theme

MightyMag - Magazine, Shop, Community WP Theme

Frost - Multipurpose One Page WordPress Theme

Implicit - Full-Screen Blazing-Fast Magazine Theme

Financial - Responsive Joomla News Template

Vartha - PSD

Throne - Personal Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme

Kubb - Photography Template for Photographers

Weekly News - Responsive News/Magazine Template

PaulBlack - Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Slash - Tech/Magazine Blogger Template

ScoupMag - Smart & Modern Magazine Theme

Multinews - Multi-purpose WordPress News,Magazine

Simple Article - WordPress Theme For Personal Blog

Puzzles | Magazine/Review HTML Theme

Jaz - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Skyting Magazine HTML5 template

Pinkmalion HTML Template - Blog and Photography

Dear Three - Creative / Magazine / Blog PSD Design

Suberb - blog/magazine WordPress theme

Solar - Responsive Blog Theme

Marroco - Wordpress Magazine Theme

Frost - Multipurpose Responsive One Page HTML5

Rhaenys - PSD Magazine Theme

illusion - Premium Multipurpose HTML Template

Video Magazine - WordPress Magazine Theme

Bblog - Blog / Magazine WordPress Theme

DialyMagazine - Clean & Flat Magazine Theme

NEUE - Smart & Modern Magazine Theme

Kubb - Photography & Magazine WordPress Theme

Revival - Clean Magazine / Blog Theme

Zien | Magazine PSD Template

Jkreativ - Multilayer Parallax MultiPurpose Theme

Twenties - Clean, Responsive Blog WordPress Theme

stylish theme v2.0 - 4 in 1

MediaNews - WordPress News Magazine Blog Theme

NewsCore - A Blog, Magazine and News Theme for WP

Oblivion Magazine - Responsive Tumblr Theme

DialyMagazine - Clean & Flat Magazine HTML

Edition - Responsive News and Magazine Theme

Sparkle - Outstanding Magazine theme for WordPress

Noticia - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Block Magazine - Flat and Minimalist Blog Theme

Newgen - Responsive News/Magazine WordPress Theme

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News Paper - The PSD Magazine

Osage - Multi-Use WordPress Magazine Theme

Novelty Magazine WordPress theme

Focus News & Magazine WordPress Theme

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Headline News - Clean and Modern Magazine Theme

Club Sports - Events and Sports News Theme

TeraNews - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Mokka - A Minimalistic Theme with Elegant

JSN Megazine - Responsive Joomla Magazine Template

WeRock Multipurpose Music & Event WordPress Theme

Cepon - News and Magazine Joomla Templates

Video Magazine - HTML Magazine Template

A-Bomb | News & Blog & Magazine Template

Agazine - Premium Retina Magazine WordPress Theme

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Prime News-Online News and Magazine Template

DeliPress - Magazine and Review WordPress Theme

unPress Magazine - Elegant & Minimalistic - Woocommerce

Posts - Responsive Personal Blog Theme


MagNews - Responsive Blogger Template

Paradox Premium WordPress Magazine

Newsright - WordPress Premium HD News & Magazine

Magtastico Responsive Masonry Blog WordPress Theme

Planer - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Newsly - Responsive Multipurpose Blogger Template

Readable - Blog Template Focused on Readability

Lightning - Multipurpose Minimalist Theme

Quadrum - Multipurpose News&Magazine HTML Template


Novomag - News Magazine Theme

Storm - Clean Magazine & Blog Theme

HEAP - A Snappy Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Mobile News Mirror Template

MOMO - Really Simple WP Zine

Agista - Responsive Multipurpose Blogger Template

Alison - Responsive WordPress News Theme

Newsline - Responsive Magazine Joomla Template

Path WordPress Theme

iPress - Responsive News/Magazine Drupal theme

Bou = Masonry Review Magazine Blog WordPress Theme

Curated | Ultimate Modern Magazine Theme

Soccer Club - Sports and Events News theme

ProStore - Modern Magazine WordPress Theme

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JORG | Multi-Purpose Metro Theme

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Simple Love - Multipurpose Joomla Template

Astro - Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

WorldNews - Responsive WordPress Blog\Magazine

Magalla Magazine, News and Business Blog HTML

Good News — News&Magazine Template

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Global - Magazine WordPress Theme

Weekly News - Premium News/Magazine PSD Template

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Music Club - Music/Band/Club/Party Wordpress Theme


Simple Life - WordPress Blog Theme, AdSense Ready

Boutique Grid = Creative Magazine WordPress Theme

unPress - The PSD Magazine for Strangers

SuperBlog - Powerful Blog & Magazine Theme

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1Page - Masonry WordPress News / interesting links

DeRailed - Photography & Portfolio Theme

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Breaking News Daily-Newspaper Magazine Blog-HTML5

Entrance - WordPress Theme for Magazine and Review

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Lineza - Modern Responsive Magazine Theme

DW ARGO - Responsive WordPress Theme for Magazine

Explicit - High Performance Review/Magazine Theme

True Mag - WordPress Theme for Video and Magazine

Magazine - News / Blog / Review Theme

Magalla Magazine, News PSD

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Santiago - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Ya'aburnee - Magazine & E-Commerce Theme

Lexon - WP

SpotLight | Clean News Magazine & Blog

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The News Time Magazine HTML5 Template