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Dboss - NFT Drop Collection Template

Invoice SaaS - Multitenant Invoice Management

ejaadhuShop starter template with login, signup and onboarding page: IONIC, capacitor, cordova.

Venice - NFT Drop / Collection Template

Ohmapa - NFT Drop / Collection Template

3D Spherical Gallery - WordPress Plugin

3D Dino Run - Cross Platform Hyper Casual Game

Coming Soon Timer Vol-1

3D Santa Rescue - Cross Platform Casual Game

3D Christmas Bells - Cross Platform Music Game


3D Santa Hat - Cross Platform Christmas Game

Button Hover Effects

3D Santa Run - Cross Platform Christmas Game

Speecho Form - The Smart Login And Registration Form

3D Memory Monsters - Cross Platform Educational Game

3D Dalgona Candy - Casual Mini Squid Game

Alberta The Javascript Voice Assistant For Your Website

Beldon - Coming Soon and Landing Page Template

Custom JS plugin for RISE CRM

Pixel Painter

beautiful bootstrap table ( bootstrap - html - javascript )

Timing Hero

Speaker - Text to Speech JS library

Voucher Slots - Give your audience a chance to win a prize

3D Physics Stack - Cross Platform Physics Game

Kyno - React Functional JWT Authentication Scripts Bundle

3D Mini Golf - Cross Platform Casual Golf Game

UverMusic Player| AudioMack Clone |Best Music Player with Possible admob Integration

Creative Color Switcher in JavaScript

ProBar - A modern progress bar with Timer.

Restaurant App Fast Food

21: Twenty One

3D Block Escape - Cross Platform Puzzle Game

3D Visual Memory - Html5 Educational Game

Voucher Wheel - Engage and give prizes to your customers

YoyoPOS - Point Of Sales for Android APP with Barcode Scanner and API

3D Dot Connector - Cross Platform Educational Game

Elegant Scroll to Top – Back to Top JavaScript Plugin

3D Among Us Rush - Cross Platform Hyper Casual 3D Game

3D Super Snake - Classic Hyper Casual Game

3D 2048 - Cross Platform Math Puzzle Game

Invoice Gen(Invoice Generation and Management) using .Net Core and EF

3D Ping Pong - Cross Platform Classic Casual Game

Inventory Plus(Inventory Management System) using .Net Core(3.1), C#, EF and AdminLTE

Fake Name Generator Full Production Ready App (Angular 11 & Typescript)

Button Hover Effects CSS3 and JavaScript

3D Super Tank - Cross Platform HTML5 Casual Game

Secure Password Generator Tool Full Production Ready App (Angular 11 & Typescript)

3D Floating Bird - Cross Platform 3D Hyper Casual Game

3D Pest Exterminator - Hyper Casual Shooting Game

Up my files - File uploader. Web component + Express server in node

Creepy Flappy - Pure JavaScript

3D Math Heroes - Cross Platform Educational Game

TRAVEL starter template with login, signup and onboarding page: IONIC, capacitor, cordova.

Creative JavaScript Page Scroll Progress Bar

ejaadhuFit starter template with login, signup and onboarding page: IONIC, capacitor, cordova.

Creative Page Scroll Progress Bar

3D Animal Words - Realistic Educational Game

jQuery Password Generator

LPK Quiz (iOS + Web App)

SEOZIN: Youtube SEO Booster

3D Snake vs Block - Cross Platform Hyper Casual Game

CSS3 3D Layer Image Hover Effects

Text Parallax Effects in JavaScript

JavaScript Password Generator

3D Robot Jump - Cross Platform Hyper Casual Game

3D Coloring Board - Cross Platform Educational Game

Whoop - One to One Video Meetings, Chat, Screen Share & PWA

ZS World Map

3D Photo Wall - WordPress Media Plugin

Dynamic QR code generator

3D Sliding Puzzle - Cross Platform Realistic 3D Puzzle Game

All in ONE - Code Minifier & Unminifier

Todo List - React Js

3D Pattern Master - Cross Platform Addictive Casual Game

3D Tic Tac Toe - Cross Platform Realistic Casual Game

3D Sudoku - Cross Platform Realistic 3D Puzzle Game

EasyNotify: Lightweight Responsive JS Plugin for Modern Notification

Asuka product designer - JavaScript

3D Photo Tile - Advanced Media Gallery

3D Carousel Flow - Advanced Media Gallery

HTML 5 Media Capture Kit

Bulk SMS Sender in ASP.NET MVC Core 5.0

3D Photo Scroll - Advanced Media Gallery

Jiggle Bells

3D Mosaic Gallery - Advanced Media Gallery

3D Pyramid Gallery - Advanced Media Gallery

User Registration Flow With SMS Verification Via Twilio in ASP.NET Core 3.0 MVC

Secure Password Generator with Node.js

3D Spiral Gallery - Advanced Media Gallery

Employee Management System in Asp.net C# MVC

3D Photo Wall - Advanced Media Gallery

User Registration Flow With Email Verification Via SendGrid in ASP.NET Core 3.0 MVC and Bootstrap

Flight Bird - Html5 Game

GDPR Cookie Law – Responsive JavaScript GDPR Consent Plugin

Generation Editor for CSS & JS

3D Spherical Gallery - Advanced Media Gallery

Genno Admin Starter Kit - User Management, Roles and Permissions

Cropy Photo Editor ( website , Android , iOS )

Mystore - Next Gen Multi vendor store

Gati - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template & UI Kit

Minimal HTML5 Template

QPro - Image Editor

React Loaders - Loader components for React.JS

Coronavirus Live Statistics Dashboard Template

HTML5 Games Bundle ( 3 Awesome Games )

Hintio - Coming Soon & Landing Page Template

Realistic - jQuery Shadows Plugin

RatingSmiley | Smiley Rating Script

HTML5 3D Rubiks Super Cube Game ( Android, iOS, Computer Browser Game )

FLUTTER QUIZ APP - UI with NodeJs Backend Full Package

Adventure Travel - React Native App

HTML5 Space run game, support all browser and mobile friendly Android & iOS

Grexsan - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Weather Application

Simple & Easy Paint Online App

BuilderJS - HTML Email & Page Builder

Realtime Chat Application Socket.io

Magic Balls (HTML5) games.

FlipBook - Lightweight Non-JQuery Plugin

Pretty Login - Responsive HTML/CSS/JS Login form (PLUS: React.js component included)

Jiva - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template & UI Kit

Grexa - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

3D Photo Row

Pagerland - React and Gatsby Landing Page Templates

3D Photo Wheel

3D Photo Queue

3D Carousel Stack Gallery

3D Photo Box

Coronavirus Tracker Map Dashboard Live Update - Covid19

Ultimate Roulette version 1.0

High-performance sliding login form

Rock Climber Reels

Travel Checklist — JavaScript Template (plugin) for Travel websites

Eleven - Multi-Purpose Bootstrap Admin Template

Zivi - Bootstrap 4 Multipurpose Admin Dashboard Template & UI Kit

Boomerang MultiPurpose Template

Android App Expense Manager

Multi Step Form In ReactJS

Quizzical - The Javascript HTML Quiz Generator

Dentist & Medical Mobile App Template With React Native

Jigsaw Puzzle

HTML Scratch Card Script

HTML5 Canvas Javascript Clock

Podcasty - Podcast Hosting and Management App

Brain Games - Find The Odd One Out - FB Quiz style

Yoga Shop - eCommerce UI mobile template

BUILDER - Multipurpose eCommerce Mobile Template

Xvito - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

Calamansi.js - Flexible feature-rich HTML5 & Vanilla JS audio player (no jQuery required!)


Otika - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

QWeb App - Professional Web2App Template | Material Design, OneSignal, Admob Ads

Quotes Creator - Story Maker with Admin Panel

Android Ecommerce Mobile App with Laravel CMS

Starter - Premium HTML5 Landing Page Template

DCWebGL Slider - Real 3D jQuery Plugin

HoverZoom - Lightweight Non-JQuery Plugin

GoJazz HRM Lite Asp.Net Core 2.2 Bootstrap 4

Edusquad - Bootstrap 4 Education Template

Asgard - Social Media Alerts Javascript Builder

Liker – WordPress Rating Plugin

BuilderJS - Visual Drag & Drop HTML Builder

Map of New York City

Map of Sydney

Health Clinic Appointment Centre Angular 7, Angular Material & Firebase App with CRUD functionality

SmarTicker - jQuery Smart News Ticker Plugin

Math Meteor Attack - HTML5 Educational Game

Custom JavaScript module for Perfex

Map of Slovakia

Map of Australia

Map of New York State

Map of USA

Map of France

Map of Spain

Sticky - MEAN Sticky Notes Web Application

Meteor Attack - HTML5 Game

Map of Germany

Tossa - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Coloring Game - HTML Educational Game Construct 3

Pixel Chilly Snow Ball

Cubic Countdown

Angry Chicken Classic - HTML5 Retro Arcade Game

Flat HTML5 Music Player

HTML Schedule

Creative Responsive Gallery 4 in 1

Command - User feedback software

React Native Redux Firebase Chat

Accordions for Bootstrap 3 Framework

Media Manager

Custom JS and CSS for Gutenberg

ak - 404 error pages

Fancy Resume / CV

Infinity - Blog/Portfolio theme

Horrizon - Unique Website Template

Orane - Multipurpose HTML5 Template


stylish theme v2.0 - 4 in 1

The Virtual Business Card (vCard)

Karma - Responsive bootstrapped webapp

Cloud Template

Liquirizia - Multipurpose Creative Portfolio


Liquirizia - Multipurpose Creative Portfolio

MYDesign - Onepage Multipurpose Flat WP Theme

MYDesign - Onepage Multipurpose Flat HTML Template

Under Construction (With BALLSY progress bar!)


Energy - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Focal Photo Gallery

Golden Grace for Blogger

Rayhan - HTML Resume Template CV Vcard

Coffee Junkie XHMTL/CSS Version

Callisto for Shopify - Premium Responsive Theme

No Signal 404 Error Page

Magnesium - Responsive Coming Soon Template

Fresh Green Business Template

Force - Coming Soon Template


Atrio - Multipurpose & HR Admin Dashboard Template

Oxios - Responsive Scalable Admin Template

Orange Marketing

Primer - React Material Design Admin Template

Inkist - Web Hosting HTML 5 Template

EKUDMIN - Responsive Admin Dashboard template

Node - Angular Material 2 Admin Template

Startify - Premium HTML Landing Page

Recipes – Responsive HTML5 Template

Apex - Responsive App & Software Template

Egret - Angular 7+ Material Design Admin Template

Angular 7 Admin Template with Material Design

Volt - Responsive App & Software Template

Menta Clean and Modern Responsive Website

Fury - Angular 6+ Material Design Admin Template

Primer - Angular & React Material Design Admin Template

Zeiss - Clean Responsive Admin Template

Helsinki - Responsive Admin Template

High Performing Pages - Landing Page Kit with Page Builder

Ninja - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

React Admin

Premium Domain Broker - Minimal & Responsive

COLOURcode - Professional Interface Framework

IWIS - Hotel HTML Template

Webworks - Responsive WordPress Theme

Simple Transitions Portfolio

Tectonic - Responsive Admin Template

Building Your Own Pattern Library for the Web

GreenSock Animation Platform: First Steps

Essential Tools for JavaScript Developers

Building a Chrome Extension

Creating Angular Directives

Create a Custom Yeoman Generator

Add Sound to Your Site With Web Audio

Integrate Rich Media APIs With Foundation for Apps

Authenticate Node.js With OAuth 2.0

Connect the Web With WebSockets

Sails.js From Scratch

Building an App With Cordova

Go Live With WebRTC

Get Started With Polymer

Get Started With React Native

Animate Your Android App

Securing an AngularJS Application

Essential JS Libraries for Web Design

Animating With Snap.svg

PHP OWASP Security

Node.js From Scratch

Functional Programming in JavaScript

Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development

Build a Microblogging App With Flux and React

React Deep Dive: Build a React App With Webpack

JavaScript ES6 Fundamentals

Animate Your Site With AngularJS

Put JavaScript Design Patterns Into Practice

Getting Started With React.js

Object-Oriented JavaScript With ES6

Building a Web App From Scratch With AngularJS

Build a CMS With Laravel

JavaScript Fundamentals

Scroll Events Made Easy

Framework - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

Plutus - All-in-One landing page

Top-Speed HTML Development With Jade

Webworks - Ultimate & Flexible Website Template


Concise Business and Portfolio Template

Better Business

Xero Portfolio & Business HTML/CSS Site Template

Stylish 404 error page - 5 color schemes

eConstruction - Under Construction Page

2048 Javascript Game


Random Balls | HTML5 Relaxing App

Business Ad Template

Circular Slideshow - Original Menu and Presentation Builder

Quantum Fader - Powerful Javascript Gallery

Ron Burgundy

Wheelizate Tabs

Glossary Engine

cCase jQuery

SVG Logo Scroll Animation | CSS3 and Javascript

Sequential Tooltips

CMS - Vulcain - WYSIWYG

TextLimit - Limit the length of any TextArea!

Smooth MouseWheel WordPress Plugin

Smooth MouseWheel for Javascript

Multiple Choice Quiz Engine

EasyLoader JavaScript Library for Page Loading

NodeJs URL shortener


PHP LinkText

HTML5 Scratch Card

WordPress Responsive Countdown


Smart Lock Login


JS Animated Loading Spinner

Datmenu - Responsive Menu jQuery Plugin

3D Panoramas

PHP TwitSelect

Closify - Powerful & Flexible Image Uploader

MCountDown - Responsive jQuery Countdown Plugin

DMSS - Bootstrap jQuery Style Switcher

XML Slider

jConvert jQuery plugin

Extended Image Upload for asp.net

Magnet - JavaScript Library and jQuery Plugin to Create Filterable and Sortable Layouts

WoW JavaScript Encoder PRO

Easy Animation

Bulk HTML To ASP And JavaScript Converter

Bulk HTML To PHP And JavaScript Converter

EXIF Google Maps Photo Gallery

Ultimate JavaScript Counter

bootFolio - Most Lightweight Portfolio Filtering

JavaScript Form Validation Library

jCircle Countdown Package Responsive jQuery Plugin


Fresh Performance Cache - WordPress Plugin

TodoMonkey - PHP SaaS Todo-List App With Ad Areas

Matrix Digital Rain

Jquery Mobile Event Calendar

The Unlimited Menu - IMoveJs


Code Cleaner for Web (HTML, CSS and JavaScript)

jQuery Responsive Countdown with Visual Builder

Random Layout Gallery

jqEasytooltip - JQuery Tooltip Plugin


jQuery Time Zone World Clocks

Juassi-Blog v.2.0

YNotify - Facebook Notification Popup Style

Active Clock

JSONViewer - A User Friendly Data Viewer

Smart Currency Converter jQuery Plugin

Count Everest Countdown | Responsive jQuery Plugin

HTML5 flipbook powered by Livelypaper

PHP Ajax Quotation Form

Water Reflection

Dynamic Accordion Banner Rotator

Fx Tabs - Animated Sliding Tabs

Canvas Multi-Grid construction

Obstrufucate Text

Simple Paginator

Socio Motion Photo Face Wall

htmlToOffice - HTML Data converter

My Presentation

NotePlex - Your Own SaaS Note-Taking App

Hyder - Simple Hidden Navigation

MetNav 2- Another jQuery Metro UI navigation menu

memoryBox - Persistent data storage

Submarine - SVG Animated 404 Page

Flat, Modern Notifications

Moving Blurry Background for JavaScript and jQuery

Blue Theme for PHP Social Network Plataform

Modern Menu 3

SAMI - Responsive Magazine/Blog HTML Template

image slide show

Text Reader - Text To Speech for jQuery

Blink Theme for phpDolphin

Under Construction: 10 Colors + 3 Themes

Instagram Photo Search

Advanced CSS3 Hover Effects 5 w/ Banners

Bubble Tooltip Animated jQuery Plugin

Responsive Colored Header/Footer Ribbon

JavaScript Flash Cards

Bemo Editor - Rich Text Editor with Charts

NekoCart - CSV-based jQuery Shopping Cart

Wizardify jQuery Plugin

Discovery Browser


Facebook Comment Slider - jQuery Social FB Plugin

Javascript Excel Creator

HostSlide | Web Hosting, VPS & Cloud Server Pricing Slider


StarTube - YouTube Video Gallery Powered by jQuery

YouTube Embed Optimizer

WordPress Hover Image & Content Tooltip Plugin

jQuery Preview Slider

Image Player jQuery Plugin


Tap Zoom

BZ Forms

MelonHTML5 - Metro UI