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Mini Games Challenge (CAPX and HTML5) 60 Games in Single Game

Soroniux Mobile HTML template with Bootstrap Framework

Shot Up. Mobile, Html5 Game. .c3p (Construct 3)

Arcanoid Ultra

Ionic 5 News, Blog App For WordPress

AppKit Mobile

match 3 +192 levels ready to publish

Zak - Multipurpose Phonegap App with Admin Panel and REST API

Ionic 5 Media App with YouTube API, HLS Livestream and Admin Panel

Plesir - Car & Travel Mobile Template

Newsman - News & Magazine Mobile Template

Shoot to Giant Bats (CAPX and HTML5)

DuoDrawer Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Fruit Breaker Game (CAPX and HTML5)

Connect Jellies (CAPX and HTML5) Memory Game

Space Shooter Game (CAPX and HTML5)

Rescue Fish Game (CAPX and HTML5)

Put the Correct Fruit (CAPX and HTML5)

Blast The Balloons (CAPX and HTML5)

Touch Fast and Collect Coins (CAPX and HTML5)

Azures Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Foodkuy - Mobile HTML Template

Azures | Mobile Template & PWA

DRAVMO - Ionic ios/Android app Business App

Community App - App for Community News

Nzlha App | SoundCloud API Search And Listen

Weather App - Ionic 5 / Angular 8 Template

Selig - Ionic ios/Android app with WordPress API

LivelyCart PRO Mobile Apps - Ionic Project for iOS and Android

Radio app Ionic 4 template

Bitter - Multipurpose Mobile Application Template

Places - Ionic 4-Full Application

Lemux Network Mobile News and Magazine HTML Template

Handyman services Ionic 4 template

Fimobile Multipurpose HTML Template

Travel app Ionic 4 template

The Wave Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Ion Banking - ionic 5 banking app ui theme

Cooking app

GoMobileUX Multipurpose HTML Template - Bootstrap Framework 7

Expand Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Whatsapp Ionic Template

EQuiz - Full Quiz Application IONIC 4 with Angular 8 Admin Panel + AdMob Banner

Real News - PHP To Ionic 3 Mobile App

Ionic4 Clothes Commerce App

Sidebars 3D Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Maximum News Ionic 4 - Full Application with Angular AdminPanel & Firebase backend + Admob

Rainbow Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Color & Box - Unity Game

Sunastro - Bootstrap 4x Mobile HTML5 Template

MyMobile Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Lee - Ionic Furniture Shop Ui Theme

FastMobile Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Sunastro - Mobile Template

Woobazaar Full Mobile Application for Woocommerce Ionic 3

Asterial Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Intellir - Bootstrap 4x Mobile HTML Template

Brighten Mobile | Mobile Template

Asterial Mobile | The Ultimate Mobile Template

Brighten Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Quizionic4 - An Ionic 4, Angular 7, Cordova 9 App

WooPOS Point Of Sale with IONIC.+ Woocommerce

Circlify Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Mom Mobile | Mobile Template

Landor Mobile | Mobile Template

Materialish Mobile | Mobile Template

Gliders Mobile | Mobile Template

Slideout Mobile | Mobile Template

Boxed Mobile | Mobile Template

Glovebox 3D Mobile | Mobile Template

Oceam Mobile | Mobile Template

Profiler Mobile | Mobile Template

Blureh Mobile | Mobile Template

Trolley Mobile | Mobile Template

Sandglass Mobile | Mobile Template

Slasher Mobile | Mobile Template

Ciuter Mobile | Mobile Template

Stroller Mobile | Mobile Template

Sitebar Mobile | Mobile Template

Slideby Mobile | Mobile Template

Photroller Mobile | Mobile Template

Faller Mobile | Mobile Template

Hexagone Mobile | Mobile Template

Ezos Mobile | Mobile Template

Chivalry Mobile | Mobile Template

Aufidius Mobile | Mobile Template

Ciento Mobile | Mobile Template

Notifico Mobile | Mobile Template

Chalis Mobile | Mobile Template

Mobilebar Mobile | Mobile Template

Swipebody Mobile | Mobile Template

Flaty Mobile | Mobile Template

Mobiler Mobile | Mobile Template

Handee Mobile | Mobile Template

Webby Mobile | Mobile Template

Instanav Mobile | Mobile Template

DuoDrawer Mobile | Mobile Template

Reside Mobile | Mobile Template

Boldr Mobile | Mobile Template

Resepina Mobile | Mobile Template & Google AMP

Drawer Mobile | Mobile & Google AMP Template

Moderner Mobile | Mobile Template & Google AMP

New Year 2013 | Responsive Mobile Template

Klassio RSV | Responsive Mobile Template

Androness Retina-ready Mobile Template

Lydos - News & Magazine Mobile Template

Sticky Mobile | Mobile Template

Overux Mobile Multipurpose - HTML Mobile App Template

Eazy Mobile | Mobile Template

GoTRI - Mobile Multipurpose HTML Template for Mobile and Tablet

Silvius - Book Store & Library Mobile Template

Vanille - Restaurant Reservations & Food Delivery Mobile Template

Apptastic Mobile | Mobile Template

Queen - Multiconcept HTML Mobile App Template

Mobileux | Multipurpose HTML Mobile App Template

Bright - Mobile Template For Classified Ads

Vinga Mobile | Mobile Template

Yui - News & Magazine Mobile Template

Arnold - Mobile Template For Fitness

Ultra Mobile | The Ultimate Mobile Template

Appeca Mobile | The Ultimate Mobile Template

Novo - News & Magazine Mobile Template

Nectar - Mobile Web App Kit

Mega Mobile | Mobile Template

Skymag - News & Magazine Mobile Template

Jarida - Magazin Mobile Template

Rusty Cars | Search Junk Cars & Used Parts - Responsive Mobile Template

Profile Mobile | Mobile Template

Sceena 3D Mobile | Mobile Template

Strips Mobile | Mobile Template

Landy Mobile | Mobile Template

MiniBar Mobile | Mobile Template

Circlify Mobile | Mobile Template

Flip 3D Mobile | Mobile Template

Comida - Restaurant Reservations Responsive Mobile Template

Fast Mobile | Mobile Template

Materialise Mobile | Mobile Template

20k Mobile | Mobile Template

VideoTube - Responsive Mobile Template

Carmella - 3D Panel Responsive Mobile Template

Nella - News & Magazine Mobile Template

Baltimore - HTML Mobile Template

My Mobile | Mobile Template

Atlanta - HTML Mobile Template

Rainbow Mobile | Mobile Template

SideBars 3D Mobile | Mobile Template

Expand Mobile | Mobile Template

Wave Mobile | Mobile Template

SlideDown Mobile | Mobile Template

ThumbTap Mobile | Mobile Template

Just Mobile | Mobile Template

Publish an App With Cordova

Store Mobile | Mobile Template

News Mobile | Mobile Template

Homescreen Mobile | Mobile Template

Bolt 3D Mobile | Mobile Template

Be Mobile | Mobile Template

Gombo Mobile | Mobile Template

SmallBox Mobile | Mobile Template

Matter Mobile | Mobile Template

Manhattan - Modern HTML Mobile & App Template

Clean Mobile | Mobile Template

FallDown Mobile | Mobile Template

Pano Mobile | Mobile Template

Pro Mobile | Mobile Template

Washington - HTML Front-end Mobile App/Web Template

Bernardo - Mobile Template

Wheels Mobile | Mobile Template

Circle Mobile | Mobile Template

Controlr - Smart House Hybrid Application Template

Bank & ATM Finder - PhoneGap/Cordova App Template

Ionizer - Ionic, AngularJS & Cordova App Template & Example

Okto*: The power of geometry

Restaurant App With CMS - iOS

Sensation - PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App

Slasher | Creative Navigation for Mobile & Tablets

AppBar Mobile | Mobile Template

Theia | App making jQuery Mobile Template

Tinybar Mobile | Mobile Template

Instanav | Bottom Navigation for Mobiles & Tablets

Drag Mobile | Mobile Template

Around Mobile | Mobile Template

Reside | Sidebar Navigation for Mobiles & Tablets

Resepina | Fixed Bottom Menu for Mobiles & Tablets

DuoDrawer | Sidebar Navigation for Mobile & Tablet

Drawer | Sidebar Navigation for Mobiles & Tablets

Slidebox Mobile | Mobile Template

Below Mobile | Mobile Template

Sticky Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Snake vs Block (Admob + GDPR + Android Studio)

MiniBar | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Landy | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Eazy Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Strips | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Bubble Fox Shooter ( Android Stutoi + admob Banner & interstitiel )

TouchBar | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

CamFX - WebGL Based Hybrid Camera Application

Sceena 3D | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Ion 2048 - The ionic Version

Ionic Stencil Essential - UI Kit for Ionic 3 and Ionic 4 Mobile apps

Apptastic | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Post Pingeon – Ionic 3 messenger app for iOS and Android based on Angular 5 and Firebase

Materialise | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

IonShop - Ionic 3 Starter for Ecommerce Based Apps

Profile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Vue Mobile | Vue.js Cordova App

Ion Pizza - Ionic pizza delivery app UI Theme

Task Manager - Ionic 3 App Theme

Vinga | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

20k Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Ionic Juice Bar UI Theme

IonFoody - Ionic 3 Restaurant Template

Kolor | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

IonWordPress 3 - Ionic WordPress Hybrid Mobile App (Ionic 3 & Angular 4)

IonFashion Ecommerce UI

IonMultiPurpose - Ionic 3 Multi Purpose Template

Ionic 3 Music PhoneGap / Cordova Hybrid App Template

Ionic Lucky 7 Logins

IonRealEstate - Ionic 3 Real Estate Template

UltraMobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

DroidURL - Android URL Shortener For AdLinkFly And Premium URL Shortener

Ionic 3 CoinMarketCap Cryptocurrency Full App

Gifeasy - An Ionic Gif Maker App

Star Ball

IonEshop - Ionic 3 Ecommerce Template

moZable - Instant Mobile App Generator

Book Reader - Ionic 3 App

NEARME /Ionic 3 Firebase/ application with Super Admin Webbackend

Ionic SMS OTP Verification

MegaMobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Appeca | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Maestro - Ionic 3 Full Android, iOS E-Commerce App integrated with Woocommerce, Paypal, Stripe

Hashing - Encrypt & Decrypt Text

AppBar | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

ChipChat Full Ionic 3 Application for Messaging Mobile Application

Boxed | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

MOM | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Hybrid Native Cordova App - device native api’s reuse code in any hybrid cordova app

Slideout | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Landor | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Materialish | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Maestro - Ionic 3 E-Commerce Template

Kalimera - Travel & Share Native Web Mobile App like Instagram

Gliders | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Glovebox 3D | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Oceam | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Profiler | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Blureh | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Flip 3D | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App

Cordova / ionic VR plugin - Photo 360 Video 360 Player with Cardboard

Ionic 3 Point of Sale/Ecommerce PhoneGap / Cordova Firebase Full Hybrid App

Hotel Ionic - Full Application with Firebase backend

Victory - An IcyMobi theme - Template version

Studio Salon | Ionic 3, Angular 4, Firebase Mobile Application

Advanced WordPress Newspaper Ionic Template Cordova Plugins

Ionic3WooDokanStore - Ionic3 Dokan Multi Vendor Woocommerce App

Ionic3 Integration with Woocommerce Booking App

IonFire Pro: JSON driven mobile app template with Ionic3 and Firebase realtime database

Ionic 3 Shopify PhoneGap/Cordova Starter App

WooIonic – Ionic 3 App for WooCommerce

Facebook Business Ionic 3 - Turn your Facebook page into a mobile app

Ionic WooCommerce API - PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App

Quizionic Admin Panel for Quizionic 2 & 3 - New Version

Ionic 3 Photo Manipulation PhoneGap / Cordova Hybrid App Template

Todo List Using AngularJs and Firebase

Ionic 3 Point of Sale/Ecommerce PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App

Ionic2WooMultiDigitalStore - Ionic2 Multi Vendor Woocommerce Digital Store App

Ionic2WooDigitalStore-Ionic Woocommerce Digital Sell Store App

Ionic2WooBooking - Ionic2 Woocommerce Booking App

IonicWoo - Full Ionic Android,Ios App Integrated With Woocommerce And Paypal

Ionic3WooMultiVendorStore - Ionic3 Multi Vendor Woocommerce App

Ionic 3 Futuristic Dating PhoneGap / Cordova Hybrid App Template

Ionic 3 Ecommerce PhoneGap / Cordova Hybrid App Template

Ionic2WooAuction-ionic 2 Auction App with WooCommerce

Facebook Clone in Ionic 3 and Firebase

AppSeed Catalogue - Full Application with self hosted backend

Ionic 3 Restaurant app with Firebase

Fashion Fantasy - Ionic E-Commerce Template

Conference Ionic 3 - Full Application with Firebase backend

IonicWooStore-ionic 4 App for WooCommerce

Ionic Framework App - Ionic 3 + Angular + i18n Full App

Nearme - Ionic 3 Starter for Location Based Apps

JustMobile | Sidebar Menu for Mobiles & Tablets

Restaurant Ionic Classy- Full Application with Firebase backend

Maestro - Ionic Full Android, iOS E-Commerce App integrated with Woocommerce

Maestro - Ionic E-Commerce Template

IonFacebook - Ionic Social Template Facebook Graph API

My Event App

Ion-Press - A Wordpress to Native Ionic iOS & Android App with GEO Location Push messages and more..

Eyelegant | Ionic Template + Cordova Plugins

Construct 2 - Corsairs Escape (Android)

Ionic Social Network App

Swappy Balls - HTML5 match 3 Game - AdMob, Cocoon.io app ready - Construct 2 CAPX

Appseed Restaurant - Full Application with self hosted backend

PlayTube - Youtube Full Mobile Application

TheSun Multi-Purpose Mobile Theme

Barfy - Restaurant App

MobileFront Shopify Mobile App

Number Maze - HTML5, Phaser engine (with Cordova files for Android and iOS)

Ionstore - Ionic Premium WooCommerce Full Android and iOS App

City Guide Ionic - Full Application with Firebase backend

IcyMobi – All-in-one E-commerce App Solution

ionWordpress 2 -Wordpress full Integrated hybrid app (ionic 2 & angular 2)

Ionic-3 Dating App Template

WordApp — PhoneGap/Cordova Wordpress Hybrid App

Ma Boutique - Full Ionic Mobile App for Woocommerce

Buy & Sell Mobile App - Full Application with Meteor and Ionic.

YoVideo - Social network of video (ionic html5 hybrid app)

BAZAAR - Ionic Template (free optional WooCommerce integration)

Personal - Ionic 2 Tourism App

X App - Hand-crafted multiple ionic apps with Laravel backend

Real Estate Ionic - Full Application with Firebase and Backendless backend

Recipes - Ionic Recipes App

Ionic Mobile App Builder

Wajed - Full Ionic App with CMS & Admob

Firebase Publisher Kit Ionic - Full Application with Firebase backend and Admin UI

What I Ate

Ionic Wordpress RESTAPI (wpIonicApp V1.0) - News / Magazine / Blogs

Caetano - Ionic 2 Restaurant App

Ionic Bitcoin App Starter

IonSocialApp - Ionic Template - IonicThemes

Cordova Multiplatform Template with Ionic

Ionic 3D Catalogue App for iOS & Android

Restaurant Ionic 3 - Full Application with Firebase backend

Business Directory Ionic 3 - Full Application with Firebase and Backendless backend

Ionic Community Chat Pro

Ionic WooCommerce API - PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App

Catalogue Ionic - Full application

App Directory - Starter for your Directory App

Pocket Recipe App With CMS - iOS

Pocket Recipe App With CMS - Android

nearme - Starter for your own location based app

IonWp - Ionic Phonegap/Cordova WordPress App

Splendiz Restaurant App With Dashboard

Proffesional Multilanguage Starter

Daisy Mobile Web & App Template | WebAPP / PhoneGap / Cordova Ready

Ionic Material Design

ionic Slide Box Walkthrough

Fitness - Hybride Mobile Application

i18n Ionic - Full Application

Selig - Ionic Ios/Android app with wordpress API

MobSocial - Ionic Cordova Phonegap Hybrid App Template and WordPress

Quotes - Cordova - Android - iOS - Admin Panel

Ionicer - Ionic PhoneGap/Cordova for Ios & Android

Gliders | Sidebar Menu for Mobiles & Tablets

ionWordpress | Ionic Wordpress mobile app | IonicThemes

IonFullApp | Full Ionic Template + Cordova Plugins

Mobionic - PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App

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