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DailyFit - Fitness and Gym WordPress Theme

UOE - Education or Academics HTML Template

Univa - Education PSD Template

Univa - Education HTML Template

Eginary - Online Education Elementor Template Kit

G-on - Fitness & Gym Elementor Template Kit

Jhana - Yoga WordPress Theme

Agenray | Gym Elementor Template Kit

Yoco - Yoga Studio Elementor Template Kit

Gymnast - GYM, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Yoga and Nutrition Bootstrap 4 Template

Eginary - Online Education PSD Template

Courster - Educational Platform and Learning System Template

Gymster - Fitness and Gym WordPress Theme

Edumate - Education HTML Template

Lerner Education Landing Page

Proacademy mobile app- Education & LMS Marketplace (Android + iOS)

Attendancea - Teacher based Attendance System

Palwan - Gym Fitness Bootstrap Template

E School - Professional Learning and Courses Joomla Template

Zarxio - Fitness and Gym HTML Template

Kidssc - Modern Kids PSD Template

Powerlift - Fitness and Gym Theme

Eduaid - Education HTML5 Template

Tabula - Art, Music, Acting & Language School

Dhyana - Yoga Studio & Meditation HTML Template

The Brilliance - LMS Education WordPress Theme

EduPrime - Education & LMS WordPress Theme

EDUCA - Education PSD Template

Extreme Labyrinth (C2,C3,HTML5) Game

Swimming Pet (C2,C3,HTML5) Game

Ping Pong - Survival (C2, C3, HTML5) Game.

Gyan - Educational PSD Template

Edumela - Educational PSD Template

Gyan - Educational HTML Template

One Step - Creative Ballet PSD Template

E-learning / Courses & Workshops Muse Template

Invent - Education Course College WordPress Theme

eLearni | LMS PSD Template

Campus-Education & Course Muse Template

Educef - LMS HTML Template

Skillup - Education HTML5 Template for Training and Education Center

Bliss - Yoga, Spa & Health HTML Template

Educef – Education LMS Sketch Template

ConferPress - Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme

Edulab - Modern Educational HTML5 Template

Edu Course HTML Template

Elemento for Education - Sketch Template

Genius - Education PSD Template

EduChain - Education & LMS WordPress

Enlighten - Education PSD Template

Taalem – Education LMS WordPress Theme

Taalem - Education, University & Online Learning PSD Template

EDUKATE | Online LMS PSD Template

Educan - Education HTML5 Template

EduCamp - Education & Online Learning PSD Template

Education – Education PSD Template

GymClub - Gym & Fitness WordPress Theme

Event2: Workshop / Expo / Agency WordPress Theme

Le Lotus - Health Beauty and Yoga WordPress Theme

BeHealth - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme for Yoga - Health - Beauty - Shop

Dance WordPress Theme - Dancing Academy

Preschool - Children Education Joomla Template for Kindergarten, Child Care Centers

Educat – Education Bootstrap 4 Template + RTL

Sport Center - Multipurpose Events & Education WordPress Theme

EDUZERO - Education PSD Template

EDUTECH - Education,Course and Event Template

Pure Graphite Corporate

EDUSTAR - Education PSD Template

Hermosa - Health Beauty & Yoga WordPress Theme

Aquarius - Educational University HTML Template

LearnPLUS | Education LMS Responsive Theme | Education

School Or Instructor - Lingua WordPress Theme

Preschool - Multipurpose Business PSD Template

Education HTML template | EduGate Education

Yogi - Health Beauty & Yoga Drupal Theme

Kindergarten HTML template

Yogi - Health Beauty & Yoga HTML Template

KIDIX - A Kindergarten WordPress Theme

Yogi - Health Beauty & Yoga WordPress Theme

PHP Soccer

PHP Mobile phone detection

eDownload - make download easily

Secure multiple, zip image upload & manipulation

PHP Simple PageNav

iShort - 29 Useful PHP Functions

EU VAT Number Validation

MySQLi Easy Prepared Statements


Ultimate IP Blocker

keyGen - Self authenticating serial generator

File Explorer Class

AdvPlugin - Advanced Plugin System

MyJSON - Work with MySQL + JSON

HTTP_R File Request Class

SQL Database

Array to CSV Class

Registry Class

XML to RSS Converter

MyXML - Work with MySQL+XML

Styler - Icons, Fonts and CSS Generator for WP

MyRegExp - PHP Regular Expression Builder

EazSQL - PHP MySQL Helper

usefulPHP Class

Lingua - Instructor or School Template

Secure Image Uploader

AutoShrinker - Automatically shrink multiple links

.NET Image Tiger Component

EasyValidation - PHP Special Form Validation Class

Wordpress Toggle-It

CUPID - Adorable Kindergarten WordPress Theme

WebZipper PHP Class

Simple String Helper

Option API

Vimeo Video Details Class

Edumix - Foundation Zurb Admin Dashboard

OracliX - XCode SQL Class Generator

Eventbox - Club/Workshop/Party WordPress Theme

YouTube Video Details Class

Duplicate Lines Remover Class

Array to XML Class

XML to CSV Converter

Lorem Ipsum Class

PeachClub | Kindergarten ChildCare WordPress Theme

SAFE The Login Class

Ajax Full Featured Calendar

Kids Life | Children WordPress Theme


emailChecker - Ultimate Email Hygiene!

Mega Class Database (Oracle) v 1.0

Forms and Validation

Translate PHP class

PHP MySQLi to MySQL Converter Class

Inline HTML Utility

Key - Secure any page in seconds!

SpotifyClass - PHP Spotify API Wrapper



Simple Student Record Management System with source code

​ Suid - Fast Form Builder

SQL Helper

MS SQL Server Stored Procedure Generator

PHP Counter - social networks fans/followers counter plugin

Check Argument Class

Babble Animation Login's

PHP Class for MySQL Database Manipulation

TWF Total Video Details | PHP Class

File List Class

SoundCloud - API PHP Class

API Client

Html Helper Class

RandomKey Generator

Events Schedule - WordPress Events Calendar Plugin

School Management System

MailChimp Subscribe PHP Class Form

VBX Schedule System Plugin for Wordpress

API Framework

Array To CSV Converter Class

Feedie - Feed parsing PHP Class

YT Channel - YouTube Channel And Video Details API V3 PHP Class

userVerification PHP Class

ParseRSS - Parse a RSS with PHP5 Class

Secure File Upload Class

Wordpress AdminPage Class

MyOM - object to mysql database mapper classes

Export HTML Table to Open Formats

QR-code class

Data File

Online Stats

Easy Gallery

IMDB Parser

Simple API class

EasyConfig - dynamically create config pages

cQL - Best SQL (pdo - mysqli - mysql) Cache Class

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